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What about Chez Felís?

What about Chez Felís?

Chez Felís was founded by Felís Stella – a culinary, visual and performing artist.

Ms. Stella was born and raised in the former Soviet Union, specifically Soviet Moldova. Growing up behind the iron curtain was no picnic, and there was only one constant in Ms. Stella’s life – the love of her family abundantly expressed through food. Everything she learned about the love of cooking was from her parents and grandparents. Her father taught her how to peel and fry potatoes when she was seven years old, and ever since she was aware of her existence she observed her mother and grandmothers expertly chop, fillet, fry, bake, sauté, braise, pickle, preserve, simmer and whip by hand the limited ingredients available under the Communist regime into delectable and nourishing masterpieces.

Despite her culinary upbringing Ms. Stella didn’t take cooking seriously until she was diagnosed with cancer at age 25. That’s when she had a paradigm shift about food – where it comes from, its nutrient content, and its ability to heal. She strongly believes that clean, organic, nutrient dense home made food was instrumental in her healing. She’s been food obsessed ever since.

Ms. Stella has been cooking for her family and friends for decades and has provided her catering services to numerous film and video art productions. Over the last few years she started cooking for terminally ill patients and their caregivers, as well as people with health related dietary restrictions.

A lot of her fresh ingredients come from her organic garden. As a result, her dishes are full of vitamins and nutrients and are rich in flavor and aroma. But most importantly, her food contains copious amounts of pure organic LOVE. And everyone can taste it! She continues her family tradition by sharing her love with her family, friends, and customers through the art of beautiful, nourishing and bonkers delicious food.

Bon appetit – Pofta buna!